Jenifer’s legacy lives on.

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When Project ALS co-founder Jenifer Estess was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 35, her doctor told her to max out her credit cards, eat junk food, and just… wait to die. Like most who find themselves in this situation, she was appalled. Jenifer was one of those women who excels at anything she sets her mind to; sitting around and waiting was not one of those things. What she chose to do instead, we continue to feel the reverberations of today, 23 years later. 

Jenifer became a champion–the champion–of direct, no-BS ALS advocacy.  She fought relentlessly to advance ALS research–to set a new standard for aggressive, collaborative efforts toward understanding and treating ALS.  She is an icon, the torchbearer of ALS patient advocacy. 

Jenifer’s legacy lives on. Her passion and tenacity fuel the work we do each and every day.  Project ALS is moving closer to the first effective treatments because Jenifer taught us to never accept anything less than we deserve, and people with ALS deserve treatments and a cure. #ALS #ALSAwarenessMonth

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