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ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a neurodegenerative disease that is closely related to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s. In ALS, as motor neurons die, a person progressively loses the ability to walk, speak, swallow, and breathe.

Project ALS is working to develop the first effective treatments.

Finding Cures at the Core

The Project ALS Therapeutics Core at Columbia (the Core) is the world’s first and only partnership between a world-class academic institution and a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to a full-spectrum approach to ALS drug development. Our goal is to develop the first effective treatments, and ultimately, a cure for ALS.

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Closing in On A Cure

Since 1998, Project ALS has led research across the fields of stem cell biology, genetics, drug screening, and clinical trials at over 30 leading academic institutions.

Feb 2022 Prosetin Clinical Trial Begins
Oct 2021 Research Advisory Board
Apr 2021 Jacifusen Clinical Trial Announced
Mar 2020 Medidata Partnership
Apr 2019 The Core Announced
Nov 2017 Mass Gen Living Library
2016 Autophagy in ALS
Jan 2010 P2ALS Begins
2008 Patient-Derived Motor Neurons
2006 Jenifer Estess Stem Cell Lab Opens
2001 Stem Cells Discovery
1999 Pivotal Breakthroughs

Latest News from the Core

The Deep Dive

Want to learn more about Project ALS research? Catch up on episodes of Project ALS Research Live where we talk to special guests about critical ALS research.


Project ALS Research Live: An Update On Prosetin​

Erin and Valerie are back to give an update on prosetin—the first potential new drug under investigation for the treatment of ALS to emerge from the Project ALS Therapeutics Core at Columbia—that Project ALS moved to Phase I of FDA clinical trials earlier this year. They are joined by Dr. Hynek Wichterle, scientific co-director of the Core, and Stan Abel, president and CEO of ProJenX.


Project ALS Research Live: ALS Drug Candidates, from Jaci Hermstad to Phase III Clinical Trial

Erin and Valerie are joined by special guests Dr. Becky Crean—Executive Director, Clinical Development at Ionis Pharmaceuticals—and Lori Hermstad—mother and ALS advocate—for a conversation on the power of advocacy and community in the drug development process.


Project ALS Research Live: An Update from THE CORE

Erin and Valerie welcome back Emily Lowry, PhD, Director of Internal Operations at the Project ALS Therapeutics Core at Columbia (THE CORE) for up-to-the-minute developments from THE CORE, and to answer your questions about how we utilize units of THE CORE to get better drugs to clinical trial for people with ALS.

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Core Leadership

Scientific Codirectors

Serge Przedborski, MD, PhD
Neil Shneider, MD, PhD
Hynek Wichterle, PhD

Director of Operations

Emily Lowry, PhD

Unit Directors

Jinsy Andrews, MD, MSc
Estela Area Gomez, PhD
Susan Brenner Morton
Francesco Lotti, PhD
Emily Lowry, PhD
George Z. Mentis, PhD

Director of Research

Valerie Estess

Associate Director of Research Operations

Margot Shanahan

Research Consultant

Erin Fleming

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