25 Years of Research Progress



Project ALS Research LIVE: 25 Years of Progress The Beginning Years

Hosted by Erin Fleming and Valerie Estess, they took us through the early years of Project ALS. Joined by Dr. Jeffrey Rothstein—the neurologist and neuroscientist who diagnosed Project ALS cofounder Jenifer Estess—and another Estess sister and Project ALS cofounder, Meredith Estess, they chatted about early successes, hardships, and what the future looks like for Project ALS research.

Project ALS Research LIVE: The Learning Curve

We were joined by Her ALS Story members, Alex Cavaliere and Gwen Petersen, to discuss some difficult, but necessary, topics such as the road to diagnosis, participating in clinical trials, and what the future of ALS research looks like. 

Project ALS Research LIVE: Sea of Plenty

We were joined by our very special guest Robert H. Brown Jr., DPhil, MD. The pre-eminent ALS geneticist, Dr. Brown is a founding Project ALS Research Advisory Board member. He has led the discovery of ALS-linked genes, and several efforts to generate promising ALS therapies.

We revisited when Project ALS met Dr. Brown, and his wise words that encouraged Project ALS cofounders to relentlessly work towards better treatments for ALS. We also discussed Dr. Brown’s early studies, and the extraordinary developments in the genetics of ALS he has led since then.

Project ALS Research LIVE: Our First Family

Mickey McGrath was a beloved husband, father, and doctor. Following his ALS diagnosis, Mickey and his family rallied their community in support of Project ALS research.

As a physician, Mickey had a unique perspective on the challenges of finding a cure for ALS. He wanted to know what was being done—and how it was being done. He steadfastly believed in the Project ALS mission.

For our last Project ALS Research LIVE we sat down with Mickey’s daughters, Nicole and Melissa, and talked about their father’s life with ALS and how their community has continued to champion Project ALS in honor of their dad for more than 20 years.

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