A COVID-19 Research Update

Dear Friends,
Project ALS is acutely aware of the unimaginable circumstances that Americans and people around the world are now facing. Our hearts, souls, and minds are heavy with the dire situation that ALS patients, family members, and loved ones are facing every second of every day. COVID-19 is a stark reminder of what people with ALS must endure every day.
Project ALS has faced adversity before, but this is a particularly tough blow. Before COVID-19 struck, we were well on our way to reaching our goal of moving our first-ever lead drug candidate, Prosetin, to ALS patients by summer 2020. The FDA-required safety studies at Charles River Laboratories and the manufacturing program at Patheon were underway and on target. We were working every day with our pre-clinical and clinical research partners at Columbia University, and our team of expert consultants, to finalize our submission to the FDA and confirm plans for our Phase 1 clinical trial. We were churning on all cylinders with fundraisers planned throughout quarters two and three to cover our research expenses planned and unforeseen.
Like everyone else, COVID-19 has thrown us into uncharted territory. All scheduled plans to raise revenue to get Prosetin to patients have been upended: our physical fundraisers and community events have been cancelled through July, and online fundraising has slowed. Academic laboratory research has been mandated to halt indefinitely, and we do not know when clinical trial initiation will be possible. We are working every day to keep things on track but fear we will have to veer from our original projections.
We are essentially at war, and are keenly aware of the hardships that each and every member of our community is facing—but to keep Prosetin moving forward, we need your help. If you are able to, please make a donation or create an online fundraising page here, and share this message with your community.
Next Tuesday, April 7th, at 1pm EST, join our team live on Facebook for a candid discussion of the challenges facing Project ALS research at this critical time. Now more than ever, we need to hear from you.
Meredith, Valerie, Erin, & the Project ALS team

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