Medidata Institute and Project ALS Launch Partnership to Accelerate New Treatment Strategies

Project ALS is excited to launch a new research partnership with the Medidata Institute targeting new, actionable insights into ALS disease progression and subtypes.
Medidata develops world-leading solutions for the life science industry, with digital platforms spanning clinical development, commercialization, and real-world data. Through this collaboration with Project ALS, Medidata will turn its Rave Omics biomarker discovery platform, as well as its considerable manpower and expertise, toward identifying new biomarkers and patient subsets of ALS.
For Project ALS, this collaboration comes at a pivotal time. We now know of more than 60 genes that are involved in some way in ALS…but we are only beginning to understand how these genetic mutations cause or contribute to the disease. We realize that people who have different subtypes of ALS are likely to respond differently to potential treatments, but we don’t have enough information to predict this response before lengthy clinical trials. Critically, we want to design better clinical trials for Prosetin and future drug candidates that will emerge from THE CORE…and with Medidata, we have a real chance of moving the field toward more humane, informative clinical programs.
First up in the partnership? A pilot study that will feed data from a 2012 ALS proteomics study and matched clinical data from the same patients into the Rave Omics platform.  The goal being to figure out whether specific protein signatures impact how quickly a person’s ALS progresses. Project ALS thanks SomaLogic and the ALS Living Library at Mass General for providing the raw data for this pilot study.
Read the press release from Medidata here.

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