Dear  Friends,

BREAKING NEWS: The all-new drug developed by the Project ALS Therapeutics Core for the treatment of ALS, is now moving into Phase 1 trial for people with ALS.

You made prosetin happen during the pandemic. You made prosetin happen when we went back to the lab for fine-tuning. You made prosetin happen for the first parts of Phase 1, when prosetin was tried in those without ALS in the US (with zero safety issues reported).

Well, it’s official. Today, you make prosetin happen for those with ALS. This morning, ProJenX, the biotech that is developing prosetin for the marketplace, announced that the next and final step of Phase 1–for people with ALS–will start enrolling in Canada presently.

Let’s go! Let’s give, give back, and keep fighting for better ALS treatments. Please, support the Core in ’24. Give as you can toward the early development of another promising new ALS drug called kleinerpaullone.

Warm regards,
Project ALS

Watch yesterday’s Facebook Live with Project ALS Director of Research Valerie Estess and Research Consultant and COO of ProJenX Erin Fleming. They talked about what this milestone means and answered important questions about the clinical trial and the future of prosetin.

Have any specific questions about the trial or prosetin? You can reach out to [email protected] for more information. 

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