The McDaniel Family

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I was diagnosed with ALS in February 2020 after a frustrating year of searching for answers & even longer of progressing symptoms. My wife, Carla, and I are both 46 years old & raising three young children—7, 9, and 11—so my diagnosis doesn’t just affect me, it compromises my ability to be a husband, a partner, and a father, placing an unfair burden on Carla and forcing our kids to grow up far too quickly.

There are many ALS organizations. Most of them focus on making patients’ day-to-day lives more comfortable, which is important, or on policy advocacy—also important. What really resonated with us about Project ALS is the laser focus on finding a cure. We don’t need emotional support or help making me more comfortable, we need help saving my life. 

At the end of the day, it means giving me a shot – a shot to find a cure, a shot to be an active father to my kids, a shot to watch them grow up, a shot to walk my daughter down the aisle, a shot to be my sons’ best man, a shot to grow old with my wife. And I am not throwing away my shot.”

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